Ghostwerk: ワタシ ハ スベテ ノ ワタシ ノ ユジン ガ ダイスキデス

I came upon this track while listing to a vaporwave mix (probably one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a minute) on Kurdtbada’s YouTube page. Which by the way, is a great place to go for all things vaporwave, synthwave, chillwave, and any other wave that cool kids are into these days. Anyway, ワタシ ハ スベテ ノ ワタシ ノ ユジン ガ ダイスキデス(I have absolutely no idea what that says by the way) by Ghostwerk is a wonderful track. It sort of sounds a bit like would happen if Machinedrum went Chicago footwork. It has plenty of bounce with just the right amount of A E S T H E T I C . You can read more about them and purchase the record here.

Cornell WardComment